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At Groundhog Turf Care, we have two standards: “very good” and “excellent.” That’s why we use phosphorus, biological metabolites and micro-nutrients in our fertilizers that are not available with the liquid-based lawn fertilizers used by other lawn care companies. We know that a nutrition-based lawn care program will create a robust turf that is able to withstand environmental stresses better than a lawn treated with the cheap stuff. While the initial cost of our fertilizer is a bit higher, it is a timed-release formula - so we only need to visit a client’s property six times instead of seven, as most liquid-based lawn care services do.

Your trees and shrubs are in good hands. Our licensed arborist and tree care techs will customize a program to keep your trees and shrubs growing healthy and strong. Rather than a “spray and pray” method, we use a targeted approach that kills specific pests at specific times, all the while building up the health and vigor of your trees with our liquid-based root fertilizer.

We want you to enjoy your yard. With a healthy lawn and beautiful shrubs, you’ll want to be in your yard enjoying it. Our Tick and Mosquito spray program sets up a barrier to keep these unwelcome visitors out. Let Groundhog Turf Care put the finishing touches on your landscape maintenance with shrub bed weed control and ornamental pruning. We’ll even pick up your leaves in the fall! In the winter, come home to a clean driveway with our residential snowplowing services.

Find out why our customers say Groundhog Turf Care is “the best around without a shadow of a doubt”!

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Manager's Corner

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FALL 2017 - What We Saw, and What's Ahead 
Fall is the time of year where we assess the how well the trees, shrubs and turf bounced back from the previous year's stressors, and set a treatment plan to prepare for the year ahead.
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Client Testimonials

This is to credit Nick Makris of Groundhog for being professional, attentive, and attention to detail with regards to customer care. He is very knowledgeable, and it should not go unappreciated. Thanks Nick for a great job!!

Joe A.

This is our first season with Groundhog and we are pleased with the outcome of our lawn despite the severe drought we all have experienced. We are very impressed by the service and care that we have received and will recommend Groundhog to others.

Linda G.

Our trees are now healthy and continue to provide us a cool place to relax in the Summer. I would recommend Ground Hog without reservation.

Marion P.

From day one Nick and his team have treating my family and I with the best customer service. I truly feel like they take care of my property like it is theirs.

Nathan P.

Groundhog has exceeded our expectations! The staff is so friendly and mostly professional. I’m so glad my neighbor recommended Groundhog to us.


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